This is Stupid

$30.00 USD - $300.00 USD

This is Stupid.
New York (2020)
Limited edition of 5 Prints in 24x36 format. And 100 copies in 11x14.

“This is stupid” is my first art piece of the year, Ironically, I started working on this before Corona times. The mask represents what we as humans already knew, that the planet and our wellbeing is at high risk with an inevitable tipping point if we don’t come together - world leaders, individuals, industries, communities, religions - to preserve our natural resources and prioritize humankind over capitalism and power. Mother Nature is crying out for our help, and to go on as is or ignore our problems altogether, is just plain stupid, as the tubes spell “THIS IS STUPID” behind a model positioned as The Virgin Mary, also representing an idealistic view that we as a global community need to get over and take responsibility for with hardcore action!

Small missiles form at the bottom of the image spelling out “FUCK” because that’s what we are if we don’t change and do better.

24 x 36 SIGNED PRINTS are ideal for collectors who want the best quality prints showcased how they were intended when they were created. The image is printed in Kodak Endura Metallic, ENDURA Premier Metallic Paper has the distinctive, attention-getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance that will draw all eyes to the art piece.

Each fine art print is checked for quality and signed by myself before shipping.

11 x 17 SIGNED POSTER PRINTS are perfect for someone just beginning an art collection or working with a budget. The image is printed on Kodak Endura Luster Both the paper and the pigments are archival so the image will last a long time.

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