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New York (2019)
Limited Edition


Created prior to the Corona pandemic, this piece “1987” is more relevant than ever. October 23, 1987, is the artist’s birthdate, a date also within days of Black Monday which up until that point was the largest one-day percentage drop in Dow Jones history. As with our current reality, it was a sudden, severe, and largely unexpected stock market crash that struck the global financial market system. Frustrated and angry emotion radiates from the subject’s pose while she wears a ski mask inspired by the Russian feminist protest punk rock group, Pussy Riot. While the leader of the free world is incapable of simultaneously making both the economy and healthcare system equal priorities in this global pandemic, lives are being lost and our bravest, selfless front-liners are more in danger by the second. Riot we must. This time, by banding together to make a difference as we go through these unprecedented challenging times and choosing leaders we can trust when the time finally comes.

24 x 36 SIGNED PRINTS are ideal for collectors who want the best quality prints showcased how they were intended when they were created. The image is printed in Kodak Endura Metallic, ENDURA Premier Metallic Paper has the distinctive, attention-getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance that will draw all eyes to the art piece.

Each fine art print is checked for quality and signed by myself before shipping.

11 x 17 SIGNED POSTER PRINTS are perfect for someone just beginning an art collection or working with a budget. The image is printed on Kodak Endura Luster Both the paper and the pigments are archival so the image will last a long time.

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